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Who We Are

Resilient Living is a Canadian company providing an online stress management program. We offer a skill training that enables the individual to self manage the effects of stress and regain positive states of well being.

Our program has a time-tested, proven track record with more than 50,000 participants and over 2,700 individual studies of the program.

The quantitative research shows powerful positive changes across a wide range of stress symptoms at the end of a four week period. View Key Findings (PDF)

The program is easy for anybody to do, provides an immediately enjoyable experience and most start feeling a positive change after just one session.

This is stress management that works. See what program participants said.

Why Is This Important

We live in a world of accelerating change and uncertainty.

This is not some faraway notion. This is affecting all of us… feeling vulnerable, chronically tired, on a treadmill and worried about our future.

As a result, this is pushing many of us beyond our capacity to cope.

It affects our ability to work. It affects our physical health and undermines our psychological well being.

This is not new. We saw this coming 30 years ago – a future of accelerated change and increasing speed of life.

it has arrived at levels we have not seen before in most of our life times.

The effect of all this is that most of us live in a state of chronic low level stress. This is the new normal. We live 24/7 in the flight or flight stance and can’t turn the switch off.

It is slowly wearing us out.

Learn How to Turn the Switch Off

Unlike the latest and greatest, we have a program that has a 35 year track record of effectiveness.

Our training has become a life long strategy for thousands of people and a skill that enables one to effectively manage stress.

We are providing the Resilient Living program online to organizations across North America looking for a top quality program to support their employees’ well being.

If you would like to hear more about this, you are welcome to contact us at Resilient Living.